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World Ranger Day

Campaign for World Ranger Day
The World Ranger Day takes place every year on the 31st of July. Its aim is to raise attention to the important work of rangers for the protection of our natural and cultural heritage, and to commemorate those rangers, who lost their lives or were injured on duty. The World Ranger Day was coined by the International Ranger Federation (IRF) and is supported by The Thin Green Line Foundation (TTGLF) and other organizations.
The Thin Green Line Foundation is a trust supporting the families of killed rangers and advocating the work of rangers worldwide. Every year a “Roll of Honor”, a list with the names of the killed rangers, is compiled to make their commitment to humans and nature unforgotten. On that day all rangers and supporters are called to raise attention to the often life-threatening commitment and work of rangers at public and private events.
In order to support these events the German Ranger Association has edited the DVD The Thin Green Line and provided German subtitles. The DVD can be obtained at the Ranger Shop for a nominal charge of 5,- €.
Meanwhile also in Germany there are numerous events. The contributions are shared on the Facebook page of the German Ranger Association.
You can support the World Ranger Day with events, a donation or the sharing of content in social networks.

8th WORLD RANGER CONGRESS, 2016 – Estes Park, Colorado, USA