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Tasks and applications

In Germany rangers are appointed mainly in large conservation areas (national parks, biosphere reserves and nature parks). More and more single nature conservation areas and Natura 2000-areas are taken care of by full-time personnel. The main employers are the federal states as the administrative institution of the areas, but additionally rural districts, municipalities, trusts and nature conservation organizations act as employers. A few rangers offer their services as independent contractors.

The EUROPARC-AG supervision of protected areas compiled a professional profile for rangers in Germany’s National Natural Landscapes and formulated the following scope of duties:

Area control
  • Execution and documentation of area controls including visitor information
  • Control of the signposting
  • Handling of violations
    (The tasks of ranger in this field are regulated varyingly. In some federal states rangers have the right in minor cases to impose fines and to issue cautions. In other areas they act first and foremost in informative ways and in major cases press charges at the responsible authorities.)
  • Control of visitor facilities
  • Documentation of traffic safety
  • Collection of waste
    (generally only in small amounts, municipalities dispose of bigger amounts)
  • Rescue service
    (Rangers are capable everywhere to render first aid. Rangers are part of rescue systems in National Natural Landscapes where remote mountainous regions are found.)
Monitoring and observation of the environment
  • Recording scientific data with recognized standard methods (biotope types, flora, fauna, and water balance of the landscape), ability to handle satellite remote sensing and positioning systems (for example GPS-equipment)
  • Presentation of results on digital maps and in reports (this is handled in different ways, these tasks are partially executed by other personnel of the protected area’s administration)
  • Support of research projects
Measures of protection of species and biotopes
  • Participation in the development of projects and work programs
  • Implementation and documentation of the measures
Public relations
  • Informing visitors, inhabitants and land users during area controls
  • Maintenance of visitor centers
  • Putting up of mobile information stands at regional and national events and fairs
  • Contact with media representatives
Environmental education
  • Implementing junior ranger programs
  • Mobilizing, coordination and education of volunteers
  • Implementation of projects and programs for additional target groups (a. o. cooperation with schools)
  • Exchange programs and networking
  • Organization and execution of camps for children and teenagers, also on international level
  • Guided tours (ranger tours, nature interpretation, independent conceptual design of the tours)
  • Implementation of education for sustainable development (ESD)
Technical tasks
  • Marking of protected and critical areas
  • Building and repairing of visitor facilities
  • Execution of traffic safety (not a task of rangers in all protected areas)
Tasks that apply only to a small fraction of the National Natural Landscapes
  • Area control of FFH-areas
    (In some National Natural Landscapes particular checklists are filled in during area control in order to document the condition of the FFH-areas.)
  • Support of contractual nature conservation (counseling of the beneficiaries of contract, control of contracts, control of success)
  • Participation in professional wildlife monitoring and wildlife management
  • Service at citizen’s centers
  • Rendition of services for third parties